Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Wedding Collection

Everyone who works in retail, or selling goods in general, knows the weeks and months following Christmas are notoriously slow. There are all kinds of methods and tricks to drum up business while all your customers are shopped out from the holidays. I am not exempt from this, I fall right into that category. So, what is the best way to utilize this lull in sales? Do I just wait around for things to pick up? NO! Time is valuable!  I won't go so far as to say "time is money", but time has value and should not be wasted!

With the money I made during my fall shows and over Christmas I was able to invest in learning a new skill set. I purchased a number of tools and materials to start working with precious metal clay or, PMC for short. I coworker of mine first mentioned it to me some time ago, I was flabbergasted that such a thing existed! Here’s the basics of PMC: It’s clay, just like the clay used to make pottery, except instead of being made up of tiny dirt particles, it’s made up of tiny metal particles, a binder, and water. You can sculpt this clay into virtually anything you want and let it dry. Once its dry, you can fire it in a kiln or with a torch. The binder burns away and the metal particles fuse together to leave you with a solid piece of metal. How cool is that?!

Here's what the firing process looks like, if you look carefully you can see the flames coming off the pieces as the binder burns away.

I’ve been wanting to compile (and create) a wedding collection for some time now. With the after Christmas lull, and wedding season fast approaching, it seemed the perfect time to get to work on it! I already have a few pieces that are ‘wedding worthy’, but I really wanted to create some truly spectacular pieces! By combining metal clay with my other skills, the possibilities are virtually endless!

My first, very ambitious, piece was a tiara. I’ve never made a tiara, but brides love them so why not give it a shot? I love using nature in my work and I love the Art Nouveau style with all its gracefully curving lines. So I decided to create a tiara using silver leaves made with PMC. Metal clay shrinks when you fire it, in general your finished piece will be about 15% smaller than what you started with. Some might see this as a limitation or annoyance, but it can be quite useful! By making a mold of a finished piece, and using it to create a duplicate, that duplicate will end up being slightly smaller than the original after firing. By employing this molding method, you can create a series of identical pieces, each consistently smaller than the one before.

Above, are the two leaves I started with.

Here are all six leaves, each made from a mold of the one larger.  Each time you copy a piece, you inevitably loose some of the detail, kind of like when you make a photocopy of a photocopy, and then make a photocopy of that copy, eventually you loose the image.  With each generation of leaf I had to go back and add in details that were lost in the process, but this is easily done!  The resulting set of leaves were perfect!  After creating a wire frame, and soldering the leaves (with difficulty) to the frame, I had my tiara, and it was spectacular!

Bridal art nouveau elvish silver leaf leaves tiara nature weddings

Bridal Elvish or Art Nouveau Graduated Leaves Tiara in Silver

Bridal bride elf elvish art nouveau graduated silver leaf leaves tiara crown head piece

Bridal Elvish or Art Nouveau Graduated Leaves Tiara in Silver

Bridal bride elf elvish art nouveau graduated silver leaf leaves tiara crown head piece

Bridal Elvish or Art Nouveau Graduated Leaves Tiara in Silver

There is something really wonderful in creating something you didn't think you were capable of creating.  It's a feeling of accomplishment like no other.

The tiara is wonderful, but necklaces are really what I love, and what I sell the most of. I needed a jaw dropping necklace.  A necklace that could serve as a centerpiece for my social media accounts and my Etsy shop.  I wanting something that would catch peoples eye! When I first began working with PMC I made a ton of these tiny leaves for a design that ended up not really working, so I set to work trying to figure out what else I could do with them. It’s these designs, that come about from another failed design, or from accidentally purchasing the wrong thing, that end up being some of my best work.  What I ending up doing with those tiny leaves was solder them onto wires and twist them together to create this statement necklace that is truly wedding worthy!

art nouveau elvish elf bridal wedding statement necklace leaves cascading silver adjustable

ArtNouveau Cascading Leaves Bridal Necklace in Sterling Silver,Adjustable

art nouveau elvish elf bridal wedding statement necklace leaves cascading silver adjustable

ArtNouveau Cascading Leaves Bridal Necklace in Sterling Silver,Adjustable

Once I'd started creating in this vein of design I couldn't stop, I was loving my new new creations!

art nouveau hydrangea flower bloom statement necklace silver bridal wedding

Art Nouveau Hydrangea Flower Bridal Statement Necklace in Silver, Adjustable

Art Nouveau elf elvish nature Cascading Leaves Bridal wedding dangle statement Earrings in Silver

Art Nouveau Cascading Leaves Bridal Earrings in Silver

Bridal wedding flower Cala Lily, Peace Lily Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, Adjustable

Bridal Calla Lily, Peace Lily Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, Adjustable

Bridal wedding Elvish Leaf Drop Earrings in Silver

Bridal Elvish Leaf Drop Earrings in Silver

Bridal wedding elf art nouveau nature Elvish Leaf Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, Adjustable

Bridal Elvish Leaf Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, Adjustable

Silver Primrose Flower Ring, bloom

Silver Primrose Flower Ring

I’ve been hard at work creating this wedding collection, and it is by no means complete! With wedding season upon us, if you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, take a look, and find something that will make you feel amazing and beautiful on your wedding day!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Magic of Soldering

I've debated with myself for ages about whether or not to travel this road.  Soldering is a whole new animal, one I'm not all that familiar with.  I did a little soldering in collage while getting my fine arts degree, but it was with aluminum (a very soft metal) and using an iron (not a torch).  Soldering silver would require much more.  The equipment is expensive and there are safety concerns to be considered.  After talking with another designer friend and reading a bunch of articles and blogs, I decided it was worth the risk.

The first thing to do was to decide what I needed.  This is where my designer friend Kathy came in very handy!  I met up with her, my Rio Grande tool catalog in hand, and we poured over the pages.  It was a lot of explaining on her part and a lot of questions on mine.  Eventually, I came up with a list of things to get.  They included a small butane torch much like to ones you use in the kitchen, a soldering block, charcoal blocks, three pairs of tongs, a third hand base, soldering pick, flux, pickling solution, iron oxide, a small crock pot, and a sturdy baking sheet to hold it all.  Oh, and sterling wire and solder, of course.  It was a lot of stuff and it cost a good chunk.  Considering I'd never done this before, would it be worth the investment?  Everything I needed was in various online carts waiting for the final click, after a brief 'I hope this is a good choice' moment, I hit the 'order' buttons.  Decision made.

Over the next week, the packages trickled in from Amazon, House of Gems, and finally the big one from Rio.  It felt like Christmas morning, I got some popcorn!

popcorn rio grande christmas package jewelry soldering silver

popcorn rio grande christmas package jewelry soldering silver torch pickle solution flux

Getting it all set up was relatively straight-forward.  After talking with Kathy at such length, I knew what each item was meant to do and I'd spent days figuring out in my head how I would set everything up.  Much of this thought revolved around how to deal with the various safety issues that come with soldering with a torch.  This was not something I could do at my desk in our living room while snuggled in a blanket (my usual jewelry making set-up).  I would be using fire and dealing with things that are messy, toxic, and hot.  Many designers have a studio or garage-type set up they can work in.  I live in a small, one bedroom apartment that simply does not offer me such luxuries.  I do however, have a kitchen, set up to deal with fire.  The safest place to use fire in the apartment is the stove top, the area is already equipped to handle the flames from the burners.  The heavy baking sheet provides a barrier between the equipment and the stove, and a thorough wipe down of the counter top after each session would keep my food from being contaminated.  Everything would fit neatly on the sheet and slide onto its own shelf in the closet, where it can be easily pulled out again.  Is this an ideal set up?  No, ideally I'd have a studio where it could be set up safely and permanently.  But I don't, I have to work with what I have, and this works for me.

Rio Grande Package soldering silver torch flux charcoal block crock pot popcorn christmas jewelry handmade

Now, I can get to work!  Kathy had explained the process in depth: form the wire into the shapes you want, position them on the charcoal block(which with reflect heat back onto the work, making it heat quickly and evenly), put a little flux paste on the joints, add the solder to the joints(that comes in wire form, best to flatten and pre-cut pieces, you only need a tiny bit), use the torch to heat the piece until the solder melts and flows, be careful not to over heat and melt the piece.  Use tweezers to lift the piece and drop into the hot pickling solution in the crock pot, wait.  Use copper tongs only(anything else will plate the work) to fish the piece out of the pot and allow to dry.  It sounds rather simple, or maybe it doesn't.  I learned very quickly this requires a lot of finesse.  Getting the wire, flux, and solder positioned just right.  Knowing the limit for how many joints you can reasonably do in one go.  Moving the torch across the metal, heating the areas you want, pulling away at exactly the right moment so it doesn't melt but leaving it on long enough to get a good join.  You really have to get to know your materials and develop a feel for your tools.  I was having the time of my life!

first attempt arrow fern leaf butterfly tulip soldering silver torch flux charcoal block crock pot jewelry handmade

I picked it up fairly quickly, after a few attempts joining simple jump rings I was ready to try something a little more challenging.  First, a lotus flower, that looks more like the Adidas logo (not pictured) than a flower, but technically a good soldering job!  I attempted harder and harder pieces.  I did end up with a few melted and mangled attempts, but for the most part I felt I was doing well!  Kathy had the best reaction to seeing my new work.  She told me I was doing work far too advanced for someone doing it for the first time.  My heart soared!  This was surely the beginning of many wonderful creations!  This was one of my favorites!

handmade jewelry soldered silver graduated oval leaf five necklace statement piece

I set to work making these pieces into finished jewelry.  I've rarely been so excited about new designs.  Several of these are remakes, because they sold at my recent shows before I could put them for sale online!

So it was a good decision after all!  Now that I've got a break in shows, I'm finally getting these on Etsy. 
handmade pearl necklace mauve light purple pearls geometric soldered sterling silver statement minimalist pendant

Geometric, Five Oval Pearl Statement Necklace in Sterling Silver with Mauve Pearls

This is the first of my soldered pieces, it's rather simple, but elegant too at the same time.  The challenge in creating the five ovals really came with getting them the right size and getting them laid out to solder just right.  It's a very exact and geometric design and the pieces kept moving around on me!  I'm happy with the way it came out and I really feel the mauve pearls just make it!  Click here, to find it on Etsy!

handmade magenta coin pearl statement necklace pendant peach grey moonstone gemstone

Art Nouveau Pearl Statement Necklace with Magenta Coin Pearls and Peach Moonstone in Sterling Silver

I really struggled with this design, I actually had more of those curls that I left out because I didn't want the piece to be too big.  I do love the combination of the vibrant magenta pearl and the peach moonstone.  Once it all came together I think I got the Art Nouveau look I was going for.  Click here to fond it on Etsy!

handmade raining cloud necklace pendant dangling pendant blue white quartz crystal gemstone sterling silver

Raining Cloud Necklace with White Pearls and Blue Quartz Crystals

This one is my husbands favorite!  He keeps taking it from me and telling me it's his now!  The basic design is one I've seen done before, this is my own version of it!  There are pearls in the chain to mirror the cloud piece and the drop shaped blue quartz crystals make the perfect rain drops!  Click here to find it on Etsy!

handmade cala lily peace lily pendant soldered silver statement necklace pearl mauve light purple magenta wine pearl

Cala Lily Pearl Pendant Necklace with Mauve and Magenta Pearls in Sterling Silver

Cala lilies are beautiful flowers, and the magenta and mauve colors go beautifully with it!  My mom actually thought the soldered piece was a peace lily, and that's ok!  The two flowers are so similar looking, which ever you'd like it to be is what it is!  Click here to find it on Etsy!

asymmetrical handmade pendant necklace white coin pearl purple grey ombre arrow statement

Asymmetrical Pearl Pendant Necklace with Sterling Silver Arrow, White Coin Pearl, and Purple Agate Beads

Arrows are really in style right now!  This arrow points right to this gorgeously lustrous coin pearl. The purple beads are agate, which comes in nearly every imaginable color, these range in color from a dark, almost black purple to a really soft grey, creating an ombre effect.  It's also asymmetrical, which actually creates some balance, moving the agate beads up the chain a bit keeps it from being heavy at the bottom.   Click here to find it on Etsy!

minimalist handmade chevron pendant necklace diamond garnet gemstone crystal pearl peacock red purple sterling silver soldered

Minimalist Chevron Pendant Necklace with Purple Peacock Pearls and Diamond Cut Garnets in Sterling Silver

Chevrons are the ultimate minimalist element for jewelry!  This one is so simple, and adding the garnets with the peacock pearls with those nice red and purple undertones, dress up the cheveron just enough!  Click here to find it on Etsy!

handmade sterling silver statement pendant necklace swallow bird flight pearl mauve light purple pink citrine orange peach crystals gemstone

Swallow Statement Necklace with Mauve Pearls and Citrine 

This piece is truly one of my favorite things I've ever made.  It' right up there with my spiraling necklaces!  I've had the immense pleasure of having a pair of barn swallows nest right outside my back door.  Getting to watch those baby birds grow up and learn to fly was so wonderful!  I would sit on my balcony and watch the adult swallows soar and dive through the sky.  I've been wanting a swallow necklace ever since!  Being able to solder allowed me to finally do it!  The pearls are lovely, the citrine crystals remind me of the nice orange belly of the birds, and the shape of the swallow looks like it's just pulling out of a dive.  I love it.  Click here to find it on Etsy!

asymmetrical feather pendant native american inspired turquoise magenta coin pearl sterling silver soldered handmade

Asymmetric Feather Pendant Necklace with Turquoise and Magenta Pearls in Sterling Silver

This one is a tiny little feather!  The two colors of pearl I choose for this, the magenta and turquoise, along with the feather are inspired by the southwest Native American art and jewelry.  Its a really simple design, and sometimes simple is just what you need!  Click here to find it on Etsy!

handmade pearl tulip chandelier pendant necklace sterling silver soldered peach grey white moonstone gemstone crystal statement necklace bridal wedding

Pearl Tulip Chandelier Bridal Pendant Necklace with Peach Moonstone 

Who doesn't love tulips?  They're one of the first flowers you see in the spring and they come in all different colors!  My tulip necklace is made with pink pearls and moonstone in peach, a lovely warm grey, and a soft white.  The soldered tulip is turned upside down to create a chandelier effect.  It makes a perfect floral bridal necklace!  Click here to find it on Etsy!

handmade fern leaf branch nature pearl brown chocolate mauve pink light purple earthy sterling silver soldered statement necklace pendant asymmetrical

Fern Branch Asymmetric Pearl and Silver Necklace in Brown and Mauve

This is my biggest accomplishment in soldering this far!  Solder comes in hard, medium, and soft.  Each has a different melting point, so you have three rounds of soldering to get everything together.  This piece took more than three rounds!  Heating the piece just enough and then pulling the torch away at just the right moment so I didn't melt the existing joints was so tricky!  The result is this beautiful fern branch!  The pearls I choose to go with it are mauve and a gorgeous chocolate brown that give the piece a wonderful earthy feel.  I can't get enough of it!  Click here to find it on Etsy!

In creating jewelry I've learned how important it is to keep expanding your skill set, keep innovating, keep pushing to make new and exciting pieces.  If you don't, it's so easy to fall into a rut making different versions of the same design.  Soldering has opened up an entirely new avenue of design and I'm excited to see where it will lead me and what new skills I can build off it!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Millennial Pink

I've been seeing this certain shade of pink cropping up everywhere, I saw an article calling it 'millennial pink.'  Usually when new fads start up my first reaction is not a good one, but I have to say, I don't hate this!  I kind-of love this light, rosy, pink color!  So much, that I've made quite a few new designs with this color, not intentionally, but I've been gravitating towards this color for a while!

My very favorite shop here in Chicago is AVP!  For a while I worked for a company that was renting them store space and I became a frequent customer.  I got a few things that helped me add that pick to my designs!

These are agate crystals.  Agate comes in just about every imaginable color, including millennial pink!

I also have found a new fondness for mauve pearls!  I have always liked mauve pearls, they have this wonderful soft color to them, it's not quite pink but they are iridescent with several colors showing at once.  They look wonderful with the pink crystals!  I found these at my favorite shop and from some online shops I frequent!

With these I created a few new designs!

handmade pearl necklace gold chain pink agate rose millennial pink brown chocolate pearls handmade

Pearl Necklace in Gold and Brown with Pink Agate

strung pearl necklace champagne off white rose pink soft millennial pink agate crystals sterling silver adjustable handmade

Pearl Necklace in Champagne and Pink, with Rose Agate

rose pink quartz crystal pendant gold chain agate mauve purple pearls adjustable long necklace millennial pink

Rose Quartz Crystal and Mauve Pearl Long Necklace in Gold

pearl pendant necklace pink mauve purple potato pearl stainless steel hammered orbital adjustable handmade

Pearl Pendant Necklace with Hammered Steel and Mauve Potato Pearls

pearl bracelet hammered gold links rose millennial pink mauve pink purple pearls s clasp handmade

Pearl and Rose Agate Bridal Bracelet with Gold Dew Drops

pearl bridal earrings with hammered gold dew drop chandelier rose pink agate crystals mauve pearls handmade

Pearl Bridal Chandelier Earrings in Mauve and Rose

long necklace adjustable gold chain mauve purple pearls rose millennial pink agate rose rhodonite stone pendant handmade

Rhodonite, Pearl and Gold Long Pendant Necklace in Rose Pink

These are a few of my favorite designs!  I hope that as many people out there love 'millennial pink' as I do!

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Classic Wedding Necklace

Five years ago today I married my best friend, Jonathan.  Today we are celebrating the life we are living together.  Shortly after we were married I started La Petite Pearls as a hobby, now I'm trying to make it my livelihood.  My wonderful husband has been with me every step of the way, pushing me ever further, encouraging me, and supporting me.  I would not be who I am, and I would not have this business with out him!

wedding day necklace classic white strand pearl necklace bride and groom wedding jewelry
My wedding day!
When I was just starting to make jewelry I stumbled upon an ebay seller who had bought out a closing bead shop.  They were selling strands of pearls for half what they were worth.  Jonathan sprang into action, and negotiated with the seller to sell me the entire stock of pearls for $300 less than what it would have cost to buy them individually.  I am still using those pearls today!

pearls huge ebay shipment la petite pearls first pearl order
It was quite exciting to open that huge box of pearls!
One of the designs I made with those pearls is my Classic White Pearl Necklace.  This did not take a whole lot of designing as it's a style you see a lot of, but I thought if I were going to sell pearl jewelry I should have this classic piece in my inventory.  It also holds greater significance for me.  On my wedding day I wore a classic white pearl necklace.  Jonathan actually bought this necklace for me the Christmas before we married.

bride wedding day jewelry white pearl strand classic necklace
Me, wearing my own classic strand

bride wedding day mother of the bride wedding photography classic white pearl necklace strand
My mother and I, she helped put on my jewelry, she is also wearing a classic strand
To celebrate today, I am offering my version of the classic strand of white pearls, which I normally price at $55, for $40!  Today only!  Follow the link here to purchase it on Etsy!

classic white pearl strand necklace bridal bride jewelry wedding timeless

Classic and Timeless White Pearl Bridal Necklace

classic white pearl jewelry necklace pearl strand bridal bridal jewelry wedding etsy handmade

Classic and Timeless White Pearl Bridal Necklace

Happy Anniversary Jonathan!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring is Finally Here!

Well...we're still waiting here in Chicago for spring to really get going but the temperature is slowly but surely creeping up!  Spring is the perfect excuse to break out your bright colors, floral prints, and sun dresses.  Lets be clear...I'm all for wearing whatever you like regardless of the season, personally, I'm a fan of fall colors all year round!  But the warming air and new flowers do tend to put you in the mood for a more upbeat wardrobe!  Of course, now that your neck, wrists, and ears are no longer hidden beneath all the sweaters, coats, scarves, and hats, you can finally wear some jewelry that people can actually see.  So, as spring slowly creeps in (or has already arrived, lucky ducks!) here are some of my favorite handmade, spring jewelry from my own shop and from other awesome jewelry designers and Etsy sellers!

I'll start by saying, I love pink, not in a 'everything must be pink always' kind of way though.  I like soft pinks, the kind of pink that looks sweet and feminine, not the kind that looks like a pink Starburst.  That being said, pink pearls are the best.  They have that perfect soft, pale, pinkish color that looks incredible with just about all skin tones.  They are so versatile too, you can pair them with so many other colors!  Here are a few of my favorites:

spiraling twisting white and pink pearl necklace in sterling silver weddings brides bridesmaids handmade freshwater

Spiraling Pearl Necklace in White and Pink with Sterling Silver Chain

This is probably my all time favorite design...ever!  I made the first of these necklaces several years ago, before La Petite Pearls was created, when jewelry was just a hobby.  At first it was just white, the different colors came later.  I think the pink pearls add so much to this, being able to see the spiral more clearly makes this a much more dynamic piece!  Find it here!

pink peach and peacock black purple pearl statement necklace in stainless steel casual jeans handmade

Pearl and Steel Statement Necklace with Pink and Peacock Pearls

 This necklace is great because (as with a lot of my statement necklaces) it's not overwhelming!  I tend to enjoy more subtle, delicate jewelry.  The steel chain however, is not delicate, that chain can take a lot of pressure!  I love the causal look of this one, it can be worn with jeans or a simple sundress!  Pink and peacock pearls just go so well together!  Find it here!

pink peach agate pearl and white off white ivory agate crystal bracelet for brides bridesmaids weddings casual stainless steel clasp handmade

Pearl and Agate Bracelet in Pink and White

I know some women who would not leave the house with out something around their wrist!  Whether you're one of those girls or not, this bracelet has the ability to be worn with just about anything!  Pink pearls go with almost everything, and these agate crystals are just so slightly off-white that they too will pair with just about everything.

pink peach white freshwater pearl cluster earrings drop dangle earrings brides bridesmaids wedding handmade

Pearl Cluster Earrings in Pink or White

Cluster earrings are always a great choice and these are made with 4mm rice pearls making them lightweight and very wearable.  I don't really like to wear heavy earrings as they tend to irritate my very sensitive ears, but these are great!  They are a go-to design for any cute outfit I have picked out for the day!  I have also done them for weddings too, you just can't go wrong with pink pearls!

Okay, now disregard what I said at the beginning about the pink Starburst while you read about my next piece.

hot pink long stone pendant necklace with white freshwater pearls blue goldstone stainless steel chain adjustable handmade

Stone Pendant Necklace with Hot Pink Agate, Blue Goldstone, and White Pearls

This is really bight for a natural stone, it's kind of impressive, so when I saw it in my favorite bead shop I just couldn't pass it up!  I started making these long stone pendants a while ago and they are really popular.  It seemed only natural to add one that is bright and perfect for spring!  Find it here!

Pink, of course is not the only thing you can wear in the spring, pearls aren't even the only thing you can wear in the spring, although of course I would recommend always wearing pearls!  I've taken the liberty of scouring the internet and Etsy for some pearl and non-pearl spring creations!

pink resin bead and wood bracelet toggle clasp brown and pink handmade jewelry

Pink Wood Bead Necklace

Okay, so this one from Michele's A Mano Designs is also pink, but in the item description on Etsy, this seller makes a great point; Pink and brown are always a good thing!  These dark wood beads paired with light pink resin really make for a gorgeous necklace! Find it here!

handmade gemstone necklace Rainbow Jade, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Rhodonite

Rainbow Anxiety Necklace

This one from Mac Rae Naturals is for you who love multicolored, rainbow stuff!  The designer here uses a variety of different gemstones to create this, I really love it because it reminds me of a necklace my grandmother used to wear that I always admired!  It's made with rainbow jade, smoky and rose quartz, hematite, green adventurine, amethyst, and rhodonite.  Personally, I don't really buy into the healing gemstones thing, but if your into that, this one is meant to calm your anxiety.  Find it here!

strung pearl necklace dancing side drilled crazy pearls yellow gold necklace spring handmade

Side Drilled, Dancing Strung Pearl Necklace with Gold Pearls

This is one of my own creations.  I love this necklace, I have a thing for dancing pearls and a thing for yellow!  When I saw these pearls in the bead shop I just couldn't leave with out them!  The pearls are drilled on the side rather than through the middle so when you string them you get this 'dancing' effect.  I can definitely see these being worn with a great spring sundress!  Find it here!

minimalist dainty bar opal necklace graduated gold chain earrings handmade jewelry

Minimalist Opal Bar Necklace

I really like opal, I've never used it in my own work and I'm not sure why.  This necklace from Barefoot Custom Jewelry is kind of perfect for the minimalists out there!  Minimalist jewelry has become more popular recently and I really love it when designers can incorporate some beautiful gems into the style!  These opals give you all the wonderful pale spring tones without being overwhelming!  Find it here!

wire wrapped copper heart and bird necklace spring handmade jewelry

Wire Wrapped Heart and Bird Necklace

Pendant's are great!  This one from Dragonfly Lady of Wyo is wire wrapped with copper and brass wire with a vintage brass bird hanging from it.  One of my favorite things about spring is getting to see all the birds finally return from their migrations!  This designer is really good at incorporating vintage elements into her handmade designs.  Find this necklace here!

silver cuff hymn lyric music christian bracelet spring handmade jewelry

Antique Silver Cuff Bracelet with Hymn Lyrics

I grew up singing from the hymnal at a baptist church in Kentucky, so this bracelet from Birdie on a Branch really catches my eye!  It can be worn any time of the year, not just in the spring time, but doesn't spring just make you want to belt out some of your favorite songs!  This would also be a great gift for your music loving friend, the designer can make this with just about any hymn you like!  Find it here!

steel infinity figure 8 hammered green and brown bronze pearl bracelet spring handmade jewelry

Steel Infinity Bracelet with Green and Bronze Pearls

You know that time in early spring where all the snow is melting and it's rainy and muddy but then the plants and flowers start budding up out of the ground and suddenly the world is beautiful again?  That's what I think of when I see this bracelet, and the steel infinity pieces remind me that it's a never-ending cycle.  Find it here!

dangle cluster statement earrings stainless steel lavender rice pearl amethyst white coin pearl spring handmade jewelry

Cluster Earrings with Amethyst and Coin Pearls

I just can't get over these earrings!  I made them originally as a custom design, a lady asked for earrings for a family member that liked to make a statement and loved purple.  Naturally I turned to lavender pearls and amethyst, adding the coin pearls really sets it off!  Plus, they are perfect for spring!  Find them here!

dangle coin pearl earrings blue coin pearls white rice pearls sterling silver rings spring handmade jewelry

Dangle Coin Pearl Earrings in Blue and White with Sterling Rings

These earrings came from that same custom order!  Custom work can be a great opportunity to push outside your comfort zone and create something completely different and wonderful!  Setting pearls inside rings like this is challenging, but when it works it's amazing!  The bright blue of these pearls remind me of the (finally) bright blue sky!  Find them here!

colorful feather earrings polymer clay rainbow mulicolored spring handmade jewelry

Colorful Feather Earrings

This designer takes polymer clay to a new level!  These earrings from Happy Elephant Art are just a small sample of what she can do with it!  The rainbow design is perfectly blended in a feather shape that reminds me again of those birds coming back! And of course, they're perfect for spring when you're dying to wear bright colors again!  Find them here!

I could add so much more!  Spring is a time of rebirth and new life!  Check out my own shop (listed first) and these other shops that I've pulled from for this post and take the opportunity to bring some new life into your style!

La Petite Pearls

Micheles A Mano Designs

Mac Rae Naturals

Barefoot Custom Jewelr

Dragonfly Lady of Wyo

Birdie on a Branch

Happy Elephant Art